Combine Dressing Pad Size10cm x 20cm- 20 PcsCombine Dressing Pad Size10cm x 20cm- 20 Pcs
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Mylife Aveo 50 Glucometer Test StripsMylife Aveo 50 Glucometer Test Strips
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      Dispovan Pen Needles 4mmx32G- Pack of 100
      Dispovan Pen Needles 4mmx32G- Pack of 100
      Dispovan Pen Needles 4mmx32G- Pack of 100
      Dispovan Pen Needles 4mmx32G- Pack of 100
      Dispovan Pen Needles 4mmx32G- Pack of 100

      Dispovan Pen Needles 4mmx32G- Pack of 100

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      This pack contains 100 individual, sterile needles designed to fit various insulin pens. With a 32G gauge, these needles are incredibly fine, minimizing discomfort during injections. The 4mm length ensures accurate and safe subcutaneous delivery without reaching muscle tissue. The bevel design further enhances the injection experience. These disposable needles are easy to attach using the twisting mechanism and are suitable for single use. The pack's quantity provides a long-lasting supply. The needles are compatible with major insulin pen models, but verifying compatibility with your specific pen is essential. This product caters to the needs of individuals managing diabetes, offering painless injections and maintaining high standards of safety and hygiene.

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      ·Extra-thin walls: The extra-thin walls of Dispovan Pen Needles allow for smooth injections and minimal pain. This is because the needle can easily pierce the skin without causing too much trauma.

      ·Ergonomically designed: The needles are ergonomically designed for maximum precision. This means that they are easy to hold and control, which can help to reduce the risk of accidental needle pricks.

      ·Compatible with a wide range of insulin pens: Dispovan Pen Needles are compatible with a wide range of insulin pens. This means that patients can use the same needles with their different pens, which can help to simplify their diabetes management.

      ·Easy-to-use packaging: The packaging of Dispovan Pen Needles is easy to use. This helps to prevent accidental needle pricks and makes it easier for patients to change needles.

      ·Flat-base: The flat-base of Dispovan Pen Needles enhances patient comfort. This is because it helps to distribute the pressure of the needle more evenly over the skin.

      ·Available in 31G and 32G gauges: Dispovan Pen Needles are available in 31G and 32G gauges. The gauge of a needle refers to its thickness. A lower gauge number indicates a thinner needle. 31G needles are the thinnest available, while 32G needles are slightly thicker. Patients can choose the gauge that best meets their individual needs.

      ·Manufactured using top-of-the-shelf raw materials: Dispovan Pen Needles are manufactured using top-of-the-shelf raw materials. This ensures that they are high quality and safe to use.

      ·Colour coded according to needle gauge, diameter, and length: Dispovan Pen Needles are colour coded according to needle gauge, diameter, and length. This makes it easy for patients to select the correct needle for their needs.


      Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) - Dispovan Pen Needles 4mmx32G

      Q1: What are Dispovan Pen Needles 4mmx32G?

      A1: Dispovan Pen Needles 4mmx32G are sterile and disposable needles designed for use with insulin pens. They come in a pack of 100 and are intended for subcutaneous insulin injections by individuals managing diabetes.

      Q2: What are the key specifications of these pen needles?

      A2: These pen needles have a length of 4mm and a gauge (thickness) of 32G. The fine gauge reduces discomfort during injection, and the short length minimizes the risk of injecting into muscle tissue.

      Q3: How do these pen needles enhance user comfort?

      A3: The needles feature a beveled tip, ensuring smooth and gentle penetration of the skin. This design minimizes discomfort during injections, making the process more comfortable for users.

      Q4: Are the needles safe to use?

      A4: Yes, each pen needle is individually packaged, ensuring sterility until use. They comply with medical safety standards and are designed for single-use, preventing the risk of contamination.

      Q5: Can I use these pen needles with my insulin pen?

      A5: These pen needles are designed to be compatible with various insulin pens. However, it's essential to confirm compatibility with your specific insulin pen model before use.

      Q6: How do I attach these pen needles to my insulin pen?

      A6: The pen needles have a twisting or screwing mechanism for easy attachment to insulin pens. This user-friendly design simplifies the process of preparing for an injection.

      Q7: Can these pen needles be reused?

      A7: No, these pen needles are intended for single-use only. After each injection, the needle should be safely disposed of in a sharps container to prevent accidental needlesticks.

      Q8: Are there any considerations for using these pen needles?

      A8: Users should follow proper injection techniques recommended by healthcare professionals. Safe disposal is crucial; used needles should be placed in an appropriate sharps container to ensure safety.

      Q9: How do these pen needles contribute to diabetes care?

      A9: Dispovan Pen Needles 4mmx32G provide a more comfortable insulin injection experience. The fine gauge, short length, and user-friendly design align with advancements in diabetes care technology.

      Q10: Where can I find more information about using these pen needles?

      A10: Detailed instructions and guidelines for using these pen needles should be provided in the packaging. If you have specific questions, consult your healthcare professional or the manufacturer's customer support.


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      Dispovan Pen Needles 4mmx32G- Pack of 100

      Dispovan Pen Needles 4mmx32G- Pack of 100

      Save ₹750.00
      Tax Included
      Return policy:10