Combine Dressing Pad Size10cm x 20cm- 20 PcsCombine Dressing Pad Size10cm x 20cm- 20 Pcs
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Mylife Aveo 50 Glucometer Test StripsMylife Aveo 50 Glucometer Test Strips
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      Flamingo Orthopaedic Heat Belt - Regular
      Flamingo Orthopaedic Heat Belt - Regular
      Flamingo Orthopaedic Heat Belt - Regular
      Flamingo Orthopaedic Heat Belt - Regular
      Flamingo Orthopaedic Heat Belt - Regular

      Flamingo Orthopaedic Heat Belt - Regular

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      ·        Relieve pain, improve circulation, and promote relaxation

      ·        Imported long-lasting heating coil

      ·        4 layers of insulation for comfort and safety

      ·        In-built twin thermostat for 100% safety

      ·        Ultra soft washable cotton cover; velcro strap-on belt

      ·        Three convenient sizes; flexible-can be used on any afflicted area

      ·        Easy to use; one-year warranty

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      The Flamingo Heating Pad is a versatile and reliable heat therapy product designed to provide soothing warmth and targeted relief for various areas of the body. With its orthopedic features and user-friendly design, it is an ideal choice for individuals experiencing back pain, shoulder discomfort, knee issues, or neck tension.

      This heating pad is available in different sizes, including regular and extra-large (XL), catering to the specific needs of users. The regular-sized pad offers a comfortable fit for localized heating, while the XL variant provides broader coverage and is suitable for larger areas.

      The Flamingo Heating Pad is crafted using high-quality materials that ensure durability and efficient heat distribution. It features an electric heating mechanism, allowing users to easily adjust the temperature settings according to their preference and desired level of therapeutic heat.

      For those seeking orthopedic support, the Flamingo Orthopaedic Heat Belt is an excellent option. This heat belt is designed to conform to the body's contours, providing targeted relief and promoting proper alignment. It is especially beneficial for individuals with back pain, knee discomfort, or shoulder issues.

      The Flamingo Heat Belt is also available in a mini size, making it convenient for on-the-go use and providing targeted relief to smaller areas of the body. Its compact design ensures ease of use and portability.

      When using the Flamingo Heating Pad or Heat Belt, simply wrap or secure the pad/belt around the affected area and adjust the temperature settings to your desired level of heat. The heat therapy helps to alleviate muscle tension, improve blood circulation, and promote relaxation.

      In summary, the Flamingo Heating Pad and Heat Belt are reliable, user-friendly, and effective heat therapy solutions for individuals seeking relief from muscle aches, joint discomfort, and other related conditions. With their orthopedic features, different size options, and adjustable temperature settings, these products provide targeted warmth and soothing comfort to help ease pain and promote overall well-being.


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      Flamingo Orthopaedic Heat Belt - Regular

      Flamingo Orthopaedic Heat Belt - Regular

      Save ₹90.00
      Tax Included
      Return policy:10